Terrorist threat level has been raised in Sweden


The Director General of the Swedish Security Service, Anders Thornberg, has decided to raise the terrorist threat level in Sweden from 3-elevated to 4-high, on a 5-level scale.

This decision is based on material from the National Centre for Terrorist Threat Assessment (NCT) which is responsible for producing threat assessments for Sweden and for Swedish interests abroad.

The strategic threat assessment is based both on what is currently known and possible developments. Incidents and events that could increase or reduce the intent and capability to carry out attacks against Sweden are also taken into consideration when making this assessment. The threat level is continuously assessed and is subject to change.

Operational basis and current efforts
The decision to raise the threat level is partly based on the fact that our Service has received specific information which we must act upon as part of our counter-terrorism remit. We are currently concentrating fully on our operational efforts in this regard. The Chief Prosecutor at the National Security Unit (formerly the Prosecution Office for National Security) has initiated a criminal investigation into preparation to commit a terrorist offence. As usual, this type of investigation is subject to secrecy.

Our Service has taken a number of operational measures of our own and we are now concentrated on our work in this area. We are not able to discuss this further as we are not at liberty to release any details concerning specific individuals or our operational work.

Our Service is also working closely with the National Operations Department of the Swedish Police and any questions about police measures can be directed to the Swedish Police. The Swedish Police have assessed that their actions in this regard will not affect the general public.

Raise in threat level - strategic basis
Ever since the summer of 2014, ISIL has been urging its supporters to carry out attacks in Europe. Intelligence received by our Service, and recent attacks, indicate that the ISIL's intent to carry out attacks in Europe has increased. The attacks in Paris on 13 November are a possible indication of an increased capability on the part of ISIL to carry out relatively complex attacks in Europe. Certain individuals could possibly become inspired to carry out attacks.

Many individuals have returned to Sweden after having fought in Syria or Iraq and many are still there and could return.

The Swedish Security Service will be holding a press conference today at 6:00 pm.

The information the Swedish Police have published on their website can be found here.external link

Description of the national threat levels:

1. No threat                 

2. Low threat              

3. Elevated threat       

4. High threat            

5. Very high threat