Suspected terrorist plotter released from police custody


The prosecutor today decided to release the man arrested on suspicion of preparation to commit a terrorist offence. He is no longer a suspect. The ongoing criminal investigation now aims to thoroughly examine and refute the original information.

As some circumstances still need to be clarified, the work continues. The Swedish Security Service will conduct additional interrogations with a number of people to obtain information on the alleged attack plotting against Sweden, with a view to proving the allegations wrong.

The actions of the Swedish Security Service and the Swedish Police

The original information received by the Security Service is of a serious nature. We therefore acted on the information at hand when we shared it with the Police and informed the prosecutor, who decided to arrest the person in question. Our work has focused on obtaining information on potential targets and perpetrators. Swift action was of utmost importance, so that the Police could take measures to protect the public.

As the identity of the person in question was not fully established, finding information in public registers took some time. The Service worked closely with several government agencies to obtain a clearer picture. The police intervention was, as always, preceded by a tactical assessment.

The threat level for Sweden

The threat level for Sweden remains unchanged at a high level. This assessment is based on many more elements than just the specific information we had at the time of the threat level raise. The National Centre for Terrorist Threat Assessment takes into consideration incidents and events that could increase or reduce the intent and capability to carry out attacks against Sweden. The threat level is continuously assessed and is subject to change.

The work ahead

What happened clearly describes the dilemma faced by all security services, i.e. having to act without having the full picture. Given the unstable situation, it is likely that Europe will have to adapt to this type of incident.

The Service continues its investigation, as some circumstances still need to be clarified. We also work closely with European and other security services in the context of the Paris attacks and the attack threat in Belgium. In the best interest of the public, the Swedish Security Service and the Swedish Police acted swiftly, and will continue to do so in the future.