About the website

The Swedish Security Service website offers insights into the Service’s activities. It describes our remit, how this is fulfilled and our main areas of responsibility.

Our aim is that the website will help increase awareness of our work, leading to improved understanding of and confidence in the Swedish Security Service. Information is offered in Swedish and English as well as several other languages.

Technical information

The website uses HTML 5 and is adaptable to both a 1280×720 screen resolution and other resolutions through responsive web design. The web page will adapt to your screen size. The website can also be viewed in mobile telephones that support responsive design.

Navigating the website

The main menu in the website header and the drop down menus in the left-hand margin can be used to navigate to the information available. The website also has a search function.


In order to read PDF documents, you may need to install additional software on your computer, for example Adobe Reader. This software is available for free.


All pages of the website are printable using the web browser print function. If you have problems printing PDF documents, try saving them on your computer before printing.


Scripts are text files with instructions or commands for computer software or operating systems.

For technical reasons, scripts are used to open links or documents in new windows and for the website tip form. These pages can be accessed even if you choose not to use scripts. However, the search function also uses scripts and is unavailable to visitors whose computers do not support scripts.