About the Security Service

The Security Service prevents and detects offences against national security, fights terrorism and protects the central Government. The purpose of our activities is to protect the democratic system, the rights and freedoms of our citizens and national security.

We engage in five areas of activity:

  • Counter-espionage, which refers to the prevention and detection of espionage and unlawful intelligence activities.
  • Counter-terrorism, which refers to the prevention and detection of terrorism targeting Sweden or foreign interests in our country, acts of terrorism in other countries and the existence of international terrorist networks in Sweden.
  • Protection of the Constitution, which refers to the prevention and detection of illegal activities which, through the use of violence, threat or force, aim to attain political goals or prevent citizens from exercising their constitutional rights and freedoms.
  • Protective security, which involves advice to and inspection of companies and government agencies, in the interest of protecting information of importance to national security and of preventing terrorism. This also includes performing records checks following requests from the authorities concerned.
  • Dignitary protection, which refers to security and guarding services for the central Government, the Royal Family, foreign diplomatic representatives, state visits and similar.