The Security Service employs around 1,400 people, most of whom are based in Stockholm. There are also regional offices located in Umeå, Uppsala, Örebro, Linköping, Gothenburg and Malmoe.

Around half of our staff have police training, and work as close protection officers, investigators and surveillance officers. Many other professions are also represented, such as analysts, technicians, translators, economists, legal advisers, interpreters and administrators.

The Security Service is headed by Head of the Swedish Security Service Charlotte von Essen. Magnus Krumlinde is the Deputy Head of the Security Service.

Office of the Director General

The office of the Director General is a strategic support function placed directly under the Head and the Deputy Head of the Security Service. The office is charged with assisting the management with strategic assessments as well as to provide input on the overall focus, planning and evaluation of our activities.

The office of the Director General is also charged with conducting strategic analyses of world events and trends, and to analyse developments with a bearing on the Security Service’s remit.

Security Department

The Security Department is responsible for protective security and dignitary protection. The department is also charged with handling internal security and risk management. In addition, the department assists the Head of Security in his area of responsibility.

Security Intelligence Department

The Security Intelligence Department is responsible for the security intelligence activities engaged in by the Service. The main task of this department is to assess and reduce the intent and capability of groups and individuals engaging in security-threatening activities.

The department is responsible for criminal investigations and it also handles cases with a bearing on the Aliens Act and the Citizenship Act. The department is also engaged in security intelligence activities aimed primarily at providing the Security Service with information to underpin decisions on the implementation of various security measures.

Intelligence Collection Department

The Intelligence Collection Department is tasked by the Security Department or the Security Intelligence Department to collect intelligence or take certain measures.

The department is responsible for operational support in the areas of meta data anlysis and covert intrusive measures, and also incorporates a financial intelligence group and the Security Service’s 24/7 Communications Centre.

Information and Development Department

The Information and Development Department is responsible for the initial registration and processing of all types of information received by our Service. The department is also responsible for ensuring that this information is made accessible to in-house recipients.

In addition, the department is also responsible for coordinating the Security Service’s development efforts in the areas of process management and systems administration.

Central Support Functions Department

The Central Support Functions Department is responsible for financial matters, including tender and procurement, human resources, facility management and general services, technical resources and communication.