Regional Units

The offences which the Security Service is to prevent and detect may be committed anywhere in the country, which is why we have national coverage, organised into five regional units.

Each unit is responsible for Security Service activities in a number of counties. Within these counties, the regional units engage mainly in contact activities and intelligence gathering.

Approximately 10 per cent of our staff are placed with a regional unit. The regional units are:

  • North (regional office in Umeå);
  • Upper Central (regional office in Uppsala);
  • Lower Central (regional office in Örebro);
  • West (regional office in Gothenburg); and
  • South (regional office in Malmö).

A focus on crime prevention

The regional units focus on crime prevention, by maintaining an extensive network of contacts with government agencies, municipalities and county councils. The contact activities largely consist in providing information on how to protect key societal functions and classified information, as well as information on how authorities may protect themselves against terrorist attacks. Moreover, the regional units maintain contacts with anti-democratic environments, so as to create a dialogue and build confidence. 

Knowing the area facilitates the information gathering

The regional units also engage in preventing and detecting offences falling within the Security Service´s areas of activity; counter-espionage, counter-terrorism and protection of the Constitution. This work mainly consists in the gathering of information for inquiries and criminal investigations. Their good local knowledge and extensive contact network make the regional units very useful. 

Local protection of the central Government

The regional units also participate in the protection of the central Government. When any of our protected persons travel to another part of the country, the unit concerned is informed of this. In cases where there is a threat against the person, the regional unit and the local police authority coordinate local protection measures.