Individual charged on suspicion of refugee espionage


On 6 October, criminal charges were brought against a man suspected of serious unlawful intelligence activities against several individuals, also known as refugee espionage. The criminal investigation, headed by a national security prosecutor, has been run by the Swedish Security Service

The man in question is suspected of having acted on behalf of Iran to unlawfully gather information on exile Iranians living in Sweden and other countries. The information has subsequently been handed over to Iran.

On 27 February, the Swedish Security Service arrested a man on suspicion of serious unlawful intelligence activities against several individuals. On 1 March, the Stockholm City Court ruled that the suspect would be remanded in custody.

Refugee espionage is a serious crime

The intelligence threat to Sweden has both increased and broadened in recent years. Refugee espionage is one aspect of the intelligence threat posed by foreign powers against Sweden.

Refugee espionage is a very serius crime. Information gathered in this way is used, for instance, as a means to harass and intimidate regime critics and members of their families. It is a type of crime that undermines the democratic process as it prevents people who are already vulnerable from exercising their constitutional rights and freedoms in Sweden.

The Swedish Security Service makes every effort to prevent and counter refugee espionage in Sweden. Indications of such acitivities are always followed up and investigated. These investigations are often complicated and take a long time.