Person charged with national security breach


On 9 december 2019, a person was charged with arbitrary conduct in negotiation with a foreign power, suspected of having unlawfully been in contact with individuals representing Chinese state interests.

The criminal investigation, headed by a national security prosecutor, has been run by the Swedish Security Service. The prosecutor stated that the person charged is suspected of having acted outside their mandate in a consular matter by discussing this matter with individuals representing the interests of the Chinese state.

As previously noted by the Swedish Security Service, China has gone from being a regional to a global superpower, meaning that China has an increasingly far-reaching sphere of interest; this includes Sweden. The Chinese state has the intent and capability to weaken Sweden´s power of action by using both lawful and unlawful means to influence political decisions and issues of importance to the Chinese and by carrying out espionage against industries and refugees in our country.

The Swedish Security Service makes every effort to prevent and counter unlawful and security-threatening activities carried out by foreign powers, and always follows up and investigates any indications of such activities.

Press release concerning the indictment, on the Swedish Prosecution Authority´s websiteexternal link