Charges in attempted murder case


On 29 october 2020, two individuals were charged at Gävle District Court with attempted murder and aiding attempted murder, respectively. The Swedish Security Service has been in charge of the criminal investigation.

The suspected attempted murder took place in Gävle in February 2020. The criminal investigation was run by the Swedish Security Service as the attack is suspected to be linked to a regime in another country, the Russian republic of Chechnya.

”Activities and attacks by foreign powers against Sweden have intensified and broadened. The fact that another regime is suspected of being linked to an attempted murder in Sweden is an example of how intelligence activities have changed”, says Daniel Stenling, Head of Counter-Intelligence at the Security Service.

The Security Service has previously noted that other countries act to undermine fundamental human rights and freedoms in Sweden. Persecution, threats and even murder attempts are used to keep individuals from expressing their opinions.

”it is, of course, very serious that another regime is suspected of being linked to the attempted murder of an individual in Sweden – a person who has sought refuge here, having been threatened by the regime in his home country”, says Daniel Stenling.

The investigation was headed by a prosecutor at the National Security Unit of the Swedish Prosecution Authority.