Man charged with espionage


A man has been charged at the Gothenburg City Court for espionage. The man is suspected of having been recruited as an agent by a Russian intelligence officer to whom he handed over information. The investigation into this matter has been carried out by the Swedish Security Service.

"In recent years, the scope of attacks on Sweden from other countries has widened and deepened. Such attacks target amongst others our economic prosperity and our fundamental rights and freedoms. In the last year alone, our Service has investigated attempted murder as well as unlawful intelligence activities and even espionage carried out by foreign states", says Daniel Stenling, Head of Counter-Intelligence at the Swedish Security Service.

The suspected man was caught in February 2019 during a meeting in Stockholm with a Russian intelligence officer who was working under diplomatic cover in Sweden.

"Russia is one of the major intelligence threats to Sweden. Russian not only carries out traditional espionage, as is suspected in this case, but also activities that threaten the security of our nation, such as affecting decision-makers, running influence campaigns and cyber espionage. These activities in combination widen and deepen the scope of the secret information gathered", explains Daniel Stenling

The man now charged for espionage was working in high-technology sector in Sweden with information known by our Service to be the type of intelligence sought after by foreign powers. The man's arrest was made following our Service's lengthy efforts to gather information in the matter. Our Service has carried out a criminal investigation into the suspected espionage; the investigation was headed by a prosecutor from the National Security Unit.

Individual arrested of suspicion of having carried out unlawful intelligence activities against Sweden (2019-02-27)