Detecting espionage targeting Swedish interests, and preventing unlawful intelligence activities​

We know that foreign intelligence services operate in Sweden to gather intelligence on politics, economics, defence and technology. They specifically target the central government, public agencies, the defence system, foreign interests, and research and industry. We are also well aware that some of these services engage in so-called refugee espionage by targeting dissidents who have sought refuge in our country.

More than fifteen countries are currently involved in systematic unlawful intelligence activities in and against Sweden or against Swedish interests abroad. They typically seek to gather information on Swedish politics, economic issues, technology, science or defence, or on foreign citizens in Sweden. They sometimes also try to influence Sweden’s political decision-making, or to acquire Swedish companies or other strategically important establishments in order to access information or technology.

In Sweden, the foreign powers in question typically target critical assets, which are functions and facilities that may hold classified or sensitive information. People with access to such information may also be of considerable interest.
These targets and the information they hold are vital to Sweden’s democratic system. For instance, our defence systems and defence industry play a key role in safeguarding Sweden’s freedom and sovereignty.