Careless dealing with classified information

Persons having access to classified documents in their work are obliged to handle such documents in accordance with certain regulations. Should a person mislay classified documents, his or her employer is under obligation to report the loss to the Security Service.

Approximately 400 government agencies in Sweden handle classified information. This information, if accessed by a foreign power, could cause harm to Sweden. In order to protect such information, the Swedish protective security legislation contains particular security provisions. An example of this is that government agencies are obliged to report any loss of classified documents caused by their staff or by companies used by the agencies.

A person who mislays classified documents risks imprisonment for up to six months.

Carelessness by Security Service staff is investigated by other police authorities

The Security Service investigates cases of careless dealing with classified information following a report from an employer. Should, however, a Security Service employee lose a classified document, this would not be investigated by our Service. There would instead be an internal investigation, headed by the Stockholm Public Prosecution Office and carried out by police officers from another police authority.