National and international cooperation

In our quest to prevent and detect espionage, unlawful intelligence activities and refugee espionage, we work with a number of agencies and organisations, in Sweden as well as abroad.

Nationally, we work closely with the Swedish agencies and organisations handling classified information. As part of our protective security work, we advise them on how to protect their activities. Such advice is for instance given to MFA staff due to be posted to Swedish embassies across the world. The agencies, in their turn, provide us with information on the intelligence activities targeting their activities or their staff.
Within the framework of our intelligence work, we also work closely with the other branches of the Police and with the four defence intelligence agencies:

  • The Military Intelligence and Security Directorate (MUST);
  • The Defence Radio Establishment;
  • The Defence Research Agency; and
  • The Defence Materiel Administration.

Bilateral and multilateral cooperation

Internationally, we work mainly with other security and intelligence services. The Security Service engages in bilateral cooperation with a number of security and intelligence services worldwide. To facilitate this work, we have liaison officers posted in other countries.

We also participate in the multilateral cooperation between European security services. This cooperation focuses on information exchange and most often takes place within the framework of the Club of Berne, a cooperation body which comprises the security services of a majority of the EU countries.