Working to counter proliferation

One of the most important ways of preventing the proliferation of WMDs is through active dialogue with companies, research institutes and public agencies that have the products, technology or expertise needed to develop such weapons.

This is often a matter of dual-use products, and companies are therefore not always aware that they are manufacturing items that could be used in the development of WMDs.

For this reason, the Security Service visits companies, trade fairs, industry associations and research institutes to reduce the risk that these become involved in procurement for WMD programmes. During these visits, which are sometimes made together with the Inspectorate of Strategic Products, the Service provides information about current legislation and the importance of applying for an export permit for products subject to export control.

Sweden, as a strong advocate of limiting access to and proliferation of WMDs, must ensure that products and expertise are prevented from being taken out of Sweden to other countries wishing to use them in ways that Sweden does not condone.

The remit of the Security Service also includes preventing unauthorised non-state actors from gaining access to chemical, biological, radiological or nuclear substances (CBRN).

Working together to counter proliferation

In counter-proliferation matters, our Service works closely with other government agencies such as Customs, the Inspectorate of Strategic Products, the Defence Research Agency, the Radiation Safety Authority and the Armed Forces.

Our Service is also involved in international efforts in this regard in order to prevent the transfer of products and expertise from or via Sweden.