National and international cooperation

The Swedish Security Service works with other intelligence agencies in Sweden. However, as terrorism is a transnational phenomenon, there is also comprehensive international cooperation in this area, enabling countries to share information with each other in order to prevent future terrorist attacks.

National cooperation

The Swedish Security Service works with other intelligence agencies in Sweden, such as the Military Intelligence and Security Directorate (MUST) and the National Defence Radio Establishment (FRA). We also work with the Migration Board and local police authorities. This cooperation mainly involves the exchange of information, so as to prevent terrorist attacks against Sweden and Swedish interests.

The Counter-Terrorism Cooperation Council, which is made up of fourteen government agencies, aims to strengthen Sweden's ability to counter terrorism.

International cooperation

There are a number of international conventions on combating terrorism. Sweden has signed approximately 20 of these and is therefore bound to provide assistance, mainly in the form of information, in case of any terrorism-related incidents. Such information may e.g. concern Swedish nationals suspected of terrorism abroad or foreign nationals, suspected of terrorism, who are in Sweden.

Cooperation with other services

The ability to prevent terrorist crimes depends on extensive and close international contacts. Bilateral relations, in this context the cooperation between the security and intelligence services of various countries, form the basis of our international cooperation. These relations develop over time and are based on mutual confidence.

The Security Service represents Sweden in multinational bodies

The Service represents Sweden in a number of multinational bodies made up of the security services and police organisations of various countries. We participate e.g. in the Counter-Terrorist Group (CTG), the EU Terrorism Working Group (TWG), the Police Working Group on Terrorism (PWGT) and Europol.