Security Service Yearbook 2021

Sweden’s security is being challenged on several fronts. We are facing a wider and rapidly changing threat from hostile states and violent extremism, a threat that has therefore become more complex. This is stated in the 2021 Swedish Security Service Yearbook.

This complex threat is manifested in frequent activities and attacks, legal and illegal, targeting individuals as well as Sweden itself. The threat actors are prepared to go to extreme lengths to achieve their goals.

- Sweden is under pressure. The Swedish Security Service can see how other countries are acting increasingly aggressively, trying to gain advantages to strengthen their position. This has an impact on Sweden’s economy, political decision-making, democratic rights and freedoms, and territorial sovereignty, says Charlotte von Essen, Head of the Swedish Security Service.

Excerpts in English

The Security Service Yearbook in full is only available in Swedish. Below, You can read excerpts in English.

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 15 June 2022

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