Man charged on suspicion of gross unlawful intelligence activities

Published 28 August 2023

28 August 2023 charges have been brought against an individual suspected of gross unlawful intelligence activities against Sweden and gross unlawful intelligence activities against a foreign power. The man is suspected of having transferred advanced technology, which could be used for military purposes, to Russia.

The suspected purpose of the suspect’s business activities has been to provide Russia with sought-after sensitive technology that could be used for military purposes, with the aim to increase the Russian state’s military capability.

The man is suspected of having transferred technology and equipment to Russia through his business activities. There is also suspicion that technology has been procured from the US and then forwarded to Russia via Sweden.

“The suspected crimes are very serious and could pose a serious threat to Sweden and other states. Swedish technology has for example been used in Russia’s war against Ukraine. Sweden must not be used as a platform by hostile states to carry out unlawful intelligence activities. Our Service takes resolute action against threats to national security”, says Daniel Stenling, Head of Counter-Intelligence at the Swedish Security Service.

Sweden is attractive for countries wanting to unlawfully acquire both technology and expertise in order to develop and manufacture military weapons and weapons systems. In recent years, unlawful intelligence activities and threats posed by hostile states have intensified.

“The Russian intelligence services have a great interest in acquiring Swedish high-technology products. They also use Sweden as a transit country for acquire advanced technology from other Western countries. Our Service engages in long-term deliberate efforts to decrease the capability of hostile states, in this case Russia, to acquire technology and knowledge for the purpose of increasing their military capabilities. Ultimately, the type of technology unlawfully acquired by Russia is a prerequisite for being able to wage war”, says Daniel Stenling.

The criminal investigation, headed by a national security prosecutor, has been run by the Security Service.


 28 August 2023

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