Prison for attempted financing of terrorism

Published 20 September 2023

On 20 September 2023, an individual was sentenced by the Svea Court of Appeal to imprisonment for four years and six months for crimes including attempted financing of terrorism. A previous judgment by the Stockholm City Court was thus upheld. However, the individual was not sentenced to expulsion, as per the previous judgment.

The Svea Court of Appeal judgment means that the individual was convicted of having attempted to raise funds for the terrorist organisation PKK. The individual, who was arrested in the Stockholm area in January 2023, was also convicted of attempted aggravated extortion and gross weapons offence.

The Stockholm City Court also sentenced the individual to expulsion, which the Svea Court of Appeal revoked. Two of the lay judges dissented and wanted to uphold this part of the City Court’s judgment as well.

The investigation was conducted by the Swedish Security Service, and headed by a National Security Unit prosecutor.


 20 September 2023

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